Why Hire Me as Your Freelance Writer?

(When submitting bids for projects, there is an opportunity to submit a reason why your bid should be selected over the others submitted. This is what I typically post:)

Hire a U.S. Attorney & Scientist!

I am the best candidate for this project simply because I am the most qualified. I have a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry (Northeastern University, 1986, cum laude) and I graduated from Suffolk University Law School in 1991.

As a biochemistry major, advanced levels of mathematics courses were required as part of my curriculum.

My first co-op job through Northeastern University (1982), at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Cardiothoracic Laboratory, I worked on complex data entry programs, medical research, and medical writing, editing, and proofreading. While training medical doctors on how to do open heart surgery, we conducted in vivo studies of large and small animals. These articles, summarizing our findings, would often appear in the world renowned “New England Journal of Medicine.”

I practiced law for 15 years. As an attorney, I became an excellent writer. It was necessary to not only write, but also edit and proofread thousands of academic documents. Most of this paperwork had to be very precise; virtually every word had a very important meaning. If words were left out, there usually had to be a particular reason.
Upon request, I can provide you with a breakdown of a document’s syntax, listing all adjectives, nouns, adverbs, verbs, prepositions, and conjunctions. I can also provide the number of characters, words, sentences, and approximate reading time of a given document.

I also do the work myself; I do not send it off to anyone else!

Thank you for your time! – John Michael Ricci, Esq.

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