How To Wake Up A Teenager

Empowered Grace

Like most teens, Eadaoin ignores her alarm clock.  She hits the snooze button several times every morning.  It’s sort of endearing the first few times it happens.  As an adult you see yourself in this.  “Aaaw, look at that.  We’re related.”  After a few months of this, it’s not cute in any way.  It’s just annoying.  “Look at that.  She won’t get up on her own for anything.  Wild horses probably can’t drag her out of bed.  We’re related.”

Well, I don’t have any wild horses around to attempt to drag Eadaoin out of bed, and I’m tired of tromping up the stairs every morning to poke and prod her.  “Eadaoin…Eadaoin…Eadaoin…Eadaoin.  Wake up.  Wake up.  Dear Lord…Is she dead?”

When asked later why she ignores her alarm, she justifies herself with an answer we adults have all used.  “I sleep through it.  I don’t hear it.  I can’t help it.”…

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Tony Romo Really Does Suck

By John M. Ricci
Octerber 29, 2014

Romo - Another Interception

Romo – Another Interception

Tony Romo is an awful quarterback. For some reason, he has fooled so many… even those that are considered to be experts. It really is a shame because Dallas fans, most of them anyway, are under the delusion that Tony Romo is their franchise quarterback. How very sad.

I hate to break it to you, but Tony Romo is the re-incarnation of Drew Bledsoe – another QB that accomplished nothing other than win a few meaningless games. His number one characteristic, like Romo’s, was choking, in any situation where a game mattered. Jerry Jones, perhaps the most delusional owner of all-time (he has said he would fire himself if he could) just gave $55 million to Romo, just in time to repair his broken back.

Drew Bledsoe - Dallas Cowboy QB!

Drew Bledsoe – Dallas Cowboy QB!

This season is going to be the biggest heartbreak of all for Dallas Cowboy fans, unless Tony Romo is injured (I’m not hoping for that) and out for the season. With the pathetic New England Patriots under Bledsoe’s nightmare period, I predicted that if Tom Brady (or anybody else) played in place of Bledsoe, not only would the Patriots go to the Superbowl, they’d win it – in the same year. Now, I’ll make another prediction: if Tony Romo is replaced by the backup QB, Brandon Weeden, the Dallas Cowboys will win the Superbowl – this year!

Otherwise, it is going to be another sad, pathetic showing by Tony Romo in a playoff game. The only question will be just how much he’ll tease the Cowboy fans with hope of winning it all.

The good news? Tony Romo is not the worst quarterback of the 2014-2015 season, thanks to a young man named Geno Smith, who threw three (3) interceptions in the first ten minutes of the week 8 game against the Buffalo Bills… at home.

Whitey Bulger: Boston’s Scumbag – Finally Caught

Whitey in Alcatraz

Whitey in Alcatraz

Boston, well South Boston’s number one scumbag, Whitey Bulger, is caught! Whitey had $822,000 in cash along with numerous weapons and his girlfriend… just living the life in California.

If you’re even remotely familiar with Boston’s Southie neighborhood and the Irish gangs that once dominated it, you know who James “Whitey” Bulger is.
Bulger eluded federal authorities for more than 16 years before his arrest in June 2011. Now 85, Bulger is a convicted murderer, serving the rest of his life in prison for a litany of crimes, including his role in 11 murders, although he’s appealing his conviction.
His crimes were thoroughly detailed throughout his high-profile murder trial, but here are some things you might not know about this infamous Boston gang leader:

Already in prison for armed robbery, Bulger was sent to the now-defunct federal prison on Alcatraz Island off San Francisco’s shoreline in November 1959 after allegedly planning a prison escape in Atlanta. He spent three years in Alcatraz before his eventual release in 1965.
Shortly after Bulger’s 2011 capture, Alcatraz historian and author Michael Esslinger wrote to the imprisoned Bulger asking for details about his time in the notorious federal penitentiary.
Much to Esslinger’s surprise, Bulger wrote back extensively about his fond memories of his time in Alcatraz. Esslinger told CBS’ Bill Whitaker that Bulger wrote, “‘If I could choose my epitaph on my tombstone, it would be ‘I’d rather be in Alcatraz.’ ‘”
Bulger apparently liked Alcatraz so much that he went back there as a tourist. There’s even a photo of a smiling Bulger with his then-girlfriend Teresa Stanley dressed in mock prison garb.
While imprisoned in Atlanta for the bank robbery conviction in 1957, Bulger volunteered to be a drug test subject in an effort to reduce his prison sentence.
Bulger was injected with LSD — a not-so-well-known drug at the time — for what he thought was an effort to find a cure for schizophrenia, according to Kevin Cullen and Shelley Murphy, authors of “Whitey Bulger: America’s Most Wanted Gangster And The Manhunt That Brought Him To Justice.”
Bulger said he suffered from lifelong insomnia and nightmares as a result of the experiment.
He later learned that the experiments were actually part of the CIA’s so-called MKULTRA program to develop a mind-control weapon carried out at dozens of universities and institutions from 1953 to 1967, according to T.J. English, author of “Whitey’s Payback,” citing two of Bulger’s associates.
“(Bulger) was enraged to learn how the covert program had destroyed so many lives,” English wrote in The Daily Beast.
“According to (Bulger’s associate Kevin) Weeks, Bulger had even taken preliminary steps to track down the overseer of the program, Dr. Carl Pfeiffer … and assassinate him,” English wrote.
Bulger and girlfriend Lindsey Cyr had been dating only a few months in 1966 when Cyr became pregnant. Bulger wasn’t pleased, so when the baby was born in May 1967, Cyr listed her ex-boyfriend as the boy’s father on the birth certificate. Speaking publicly for the first time in 2010, Cyr told The Boston Globe that Bulger also kept his son’s identity a secret to protect him from his father’s numerous enemies.
Despite his initial reluctance toward fatherhood, Cyr said Bulger doted on the boy. “He helped pay for child care and showered Douglas with toys,” wrote the Globe’s Cullen and Murphy.
As Bulger rose through the ranks of Boston’s Winter Hill Gang in 1973, 6-year-old Douglas fell ill and was hospitalized with Reye’s Syndrome, a severe reaction to aspirin. Bulger sat by his side for three days, wrote Cullen and Murphy. “When he died, Jimmy (Bulger) was out of his mind,” Cyr is quoted as saying in Cullen and Murphy’s book.
Bulger served nearly four years in the U.S. Air Force, working as an aircraft mechanic and earning his high school diploma. Yet the future gang leader never strayed far from trouble. During his military service, the young Bulger was arrested for going AWOL and, in a separate incident, police arrested him on rape charges.
He was never convicted or sentenced on either charge and received an honorable discharge in 1952.
Nearly every mobster has a colorful nickname, but family and associates say Bulger hated “Whitey,” a reference to his white-blond hair as a child. He preferred his real name, Jim, and reportedly he was also OK with the moniker “Boots,” which referred to his fondness for cowboy boots.

During the time that Bulger spent eluding authorities, he and girlfriend Catherine Greig lived as Charlie and Carol Gasko in a seaside apartment in Santa Monica, California. In his letters to Esslinger, Bulger described that time as “a 16-year honeymoon.”
A neighbor described the couple as a quiet and polite, who sometimes helped carry her groceries.
Three months ago, the seaside apartment was put up for rent, according to several media reports.
The “unassuming two bedroom apartment” can be yours “for $2,950 a month — far more than Bulger himself had paid during his rent-controlled stint there,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.
It’s the same apartment where federal agents found more than $822,000 in cash hidden inside the walls after his capture.

What Are You Dreaming About?

My Teeth!

My Teeth!

Most of us have experienced one of these dreams in our life; they focus on themes universal to most everyone. Do dreams have a message, or are they just flashes of thoughts we’ve had in our past? Can working with the inner messages in common dreams help you maximize your confidence, creativity, and effectiveness in your daily life?

My Teeth are Falling Out!
If your teeth are dirty, diseased, disintegrating, or falling out in your dreams, you’re probably worrying about how pleasing and attractive you are to others and to sexual and romantic partners. You may be afraid of getting old. Teeth also relate to self-expression and effective communication, so losing teeth can mean you’re embarrassed about something you’ve said, or you’re having trouble saying what you really mean.
The real essence of teeth is their ability to bite through, to cut, tear, and grind. As human animals, you retain a vestige of snarling — showing teeth as a “stay back” warning — in our disarming smile. If your teeth fall out, you lose personal power and your ability to be assertive, decisive, and self-protective.
Questions: Where do I lack confidence or feel powerless? With whom do I feel self-conscious or insecure? How am I angry or frustrated? Where should I take action to “bite through” something, or chew something thoroughly so I understand it?
I have been having this kind of dream lately! And I am definitely having issues with self-esteem and image lately… possibly linked to getting older. But what about all those years I had the same dreams and felt like I was king of the world?

I’m naked in public!
You’re going about your business and suddenly realize you’re naked or in your underwear at work or at the grocery store. Exposure dreams bring to light the things you don’t want others to know about you and places where you feel vulnerable. Suddenly everyone sees through you. Being naked in front of others also implies being caught off guard or being unprepared, uninformed, uneducated, or unpracticed.
Questions: What have I been hiding? Where do I feel like a phony? What’s wrong with being seen for whom I really am? Where do I feel invisible? Can I tolerate, or even love, my imperfections? Who am I afraid will reject me? What am I telling myself I need to be prepared for — for my own sake?
Nope – not a single dream where I am naked in public!

A monster is chasing me!
You’re running, trying to outpace or outwit your pursuer, and he/she/it’s gaining on you! Suddenly your legs are paralyzed! Chase dreams often represent fears of facing up to something you’ve judged negatively, like your own rage, shame, or irresponsibility, for example.
Or, you may feel threatened by someone or by a possible failure. If you become paralyzed, you probably need to stand still and meet your pursuer to receive an important message. Or, you may be experiencing the normal “paralysis” that occurs in the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep state.
Questions: What do I feel threatened by? What am I avoiding? Who have I given my power to? Where have I surrendered my right to “take up space”? Where do I feel helpless or unsupported? How do I deal with conflict?
The only monsters that have chased me are snakes, which are not really monsters, in fact I’ve owned a red-tail boa constrictor and I’m not afraid of them at all. But I do have the occasional dream where a snake is biting at my feet…

I lost my wallet and keys!
Dreams of loss point to areas where you are too attached to something; you are telling yourself, “Let go and see what comes next when you don’t have it all locked down.” Losing your wallet can indicate it’s time to reexamine your identity. Losing your car may mean you need to look at your need for movement, freedom, and independence as you’ve defined it. Losing keys points to a fear of losing authority or access to an opportunity. Losing money can mean you’re letting go of what’s been valuable to you so you can revalue your core self.
Questions: How have I outgrown ideas of who I am? Where do I need to let go and trust the unknown part of myself to provide for me? Where do I need to experience space and emptiness instead of clutter?
Sometimes people who interpret dreams are just plain crazy! When I dream about losing my wallet or keys, it has nothing to do with “reexamining my identity” but everything to do with, “how the hell am I going to replace all the *&%t in my wallet.”

Conclusion: We’ll never know, I suppose, what dreams mean. I suppose they have a different meaning to each of us. I’d like to think people like Stephen King have dreams that light up his imagination though, I mean – how does he possibly come up with all of that stuff?
I’d love to hear about other people’s dreams! And whether or not they have meaning!

Pray for Kansas City

By John M. Ricci
October 27, 2014

Let’s All Pray for the Kansas City Royals!

I’m hoping anyone who reads this will take a moment and pray for the Kansas City Royals in their bid to become World Champions in 2014, by defeating the San Francisco Giants. The Giants took a 3 games to 2 lead Sunday evening, October 26. This means Kansas City needs to win the remaining two games when they return home and play Tuesday and, hopefully, Wednesday nights.
San Francisco has won plenty of times in the last few years. They have won the World Series twice since 2010. Enough already!
Pray for KC! And I’d like to think my lovely wife, Sarah, is watching from above and doing what she can to lobby for her favorite team.

Ready to Spend? Apple Pay Will Make it SO Easy!

Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is here; it is Apple’s way of trading in plastic credit cards with those magnetic strips of information for a digital solution stored on your iPhone… and soon, your Apple Watch.
Major League Baseball has apparently agreed with Apple, in an effort to get this technology in all baseball stadiums, to use it during the current 2014 World Series where the Kansas City Royals are facing the San Francisco Giants (Go Royals!). The goal: to make it easier for everybody to buy everything!
So far, of the individual vendors at the two stadiums offering the new technology, Apple Pay seems to be working just fine. It will soon be even easier to depart with your money… through mid-air, like magic. Purchases under $25.00 don’t even require a signature! Swoosh!
Apple’s goal, of course, is to have these machines everywhere. An Apple world for an Apple planet, paid for in Apple’s… well, not exactly. And Apple is hopeful that it will shorten long lines, making everyone happier (and more eager to spend?) while shopping.
It will be quite some time before Apple Pay is actually everywhere. So far, it is in 220,000 stores in the U.S. – big chains including McDonalds, Subway, Walgreen’s, and Apple’s own retail stores. Other retailers are also developing there own mobile payment services, including Best Buy and 7-Eleven, hoping to get into this arena early. As usual, it appears that Apple will come in first with Apple Pay, while others struggle to catch up or even survive.