What Are You Dreaming About?

My Teeth!

My Teeth!

Most of us have experienced one of these dreams in our life; they focus on themes universal to most everyone. Do dreams have a message, or are they just flashes of thoughts we’ve had in our past? Can working with the inner messages in common dreams help you maximize your confidence, creativity, and effectiveness in your daily life?

My Teeth are Falling Out!
If your teeth are dirty, diseased, disintegrating, or falling out in your dreams, you’re probably worrying about how pleasing and attractive you are to others and to sexual and romantic partners. You may be afraid of getting old. Teeth also relate to self-expression and effective communication, so losing teeth can mean you’re embarrassed about something you’ve said, or you’re having trouble saying what you really mean.
The real essence of teeth is their ability to bite through, to cut, tear, and grind. As human animals, you retain a vestige of snarling — showing teeth as a “stay back” warning — in our disarming smile. If your teeth fall out, you lose personal power and your ability to be assertive, decisive, and self-protective.
Questions: Where do I lack confidence or feel powerless? With whom do I feel self-conscious or insecure? How am I angry or frustrated? Where should I take action to “bite through” something, or chew something thoroughly so I understand it?
I have been having this kind of dream lately! And I am definitely having issues with self-esteem and image lately… possibly linked to getting older. But what about all those years I had the same dreams and felt like I was king of the world?

I’m naked in public!
You’re going about your business and suddenly realize you’re naked or in your underwear at work or at the grocery store. Exposure dreams bring to light the things you don’t want others to know about you and places where you feel vulnerable. Suddenly everyone sees through you. Being naked in front of others also implies being caught off guard or being unprepared, uninformed, uneducated, or unpracticed.
Questions: What have I been hiding? Where do I feel like a phony? What’s wrong with being seen for whom I really am? Where do I feel invisible? Can I tolerate, or even love, my imperfections? Who am I afraid will reject me? What am I telling myself I need to be prepared for — for my own sake?
Nope – not a single dream where I am naked in public!

A monster is chasing me!
You’re running, trying to outpace or outwit your pursuer, and he/she/it’s gaining on you! Suddenly your legs are paralyzed! Chase dreams often represent fears of facing up to something you’ve judged negatively, like your own rage, shame, or irresponsibility, for example.
Or, you may feel threatened by someone or by a possible failure. If you become paralyzed, you probably need to stand still and meet your pursuer to receive an important message. Or, you may be experiencing the normal “paralysis” that occurs in the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep state.
Questions: What do I feel threatened by? What am I avoiding? Who have I given my power to? Where have I surrendered my right to “take up space”? Where do I feel helpless or unsupported? How do I deal with conflict?
The only monsters that have chased me are snakes, which are not really monsters, in fact I’ve owned a red-tail boa constrictor and I’m not afraid of them at all. But I do have the occasional dream where a snake is biting at my feet…

I lost my wallet and keys!
Dreams of loss point to areas where you are too attached to something; you are telling yourself, “Let go and see what comes next when you don’t have it all locked down.” Losing your wallet can indicate it’s time to reexamine your identity. Losing your car may mean you need to look at your need for movement, freedom, and independence as you’ve defined it. Losing keys points to a fear of losing authority or access to an opportunity. Losing money can mean you’re letting go of what’s been valuable to you so you can revalue your core self.
Questions: How have I outgrown ideas of who I am? Where do I need to let go and trust the unknown part of myself to provide for me? Where do I need to experience space and emptiness instead of clutter?
Sometimes people who interpret dreams are just plain crazy! When I dream about losing my wallet or keys, it has nothing to do with “reexamining my identity” but everything to do with, “how the hell am I going to replace all the *&%t in my wallet.”

Conclusion: We’ll never know, I suppose, what dreams mean. I suppose they have a different meaning to each of us. I’d like to think people like Stephen King have dreams that light up his imagination though, I mean – how does he possibly come up with all of that stuff?
I’d love to hear about other people’s dreams! And whether or not they have meaning!