Tony Romo Really Does Suck

By John M. Ricci
Octerber 29, 2014

Romo - Another Interception

Romo – Another Interception

Tony Romo is an awful quarterback. For some reason, he has fooled so many… even those that are considered to be experts. It really is a shame because Dallas fans, most of them anyway, are under the delusion that Tony Romo is their franchise quarterback. How very sad.

I hate to break it to you, but Tony Romo is the re-incarnation of Drew Bledsoe – another QB that accomplished nothing other than win a few meaningless games. His number one characteristic, like Romo’s, was choking, in any situation where a game mattered. Jerry Jones, perhaps the most delusional owner of all-time (he has said he would fire himself if he could) just gave $55 million to Romo, just in time to repair his broken back.

Drew Bledsoe - Dallas Cowboy QB!

Drew Bledsoe – Dallas Cowboy QB!

This season is going to be the biggest heartbreak of all for Dallas Cowboy fans, unless Tony Romo is injured (I’m not hoping for that) and out for the season. With the pathetic New England Patriots under Bledsoe’s nightmare period, I predicted that if Tom Brady (or anybody else) played in place of Bledsoe, not only would the Patriots go to the Superbowl, they’d win it – in the same year. Now, I’ll make another prediction: if Tony Romo is replaced by the backup QB, Brandon Weeden, the Dallas Cowboys will win the Superbowl – this year!

Otherwise, it is going to be another sad, pathetic showing by Tony Romo in a playoff game. The only question will be just how much he’ll tease the Cowboy fans with hope of winning it all.

The good news? Tony Romo is not the worst quarterback of the 2014-2015 season, thanks to a young man named Geno Smith, who threw three (3) interceptions in the first ten minutes of the week 8 game against the Buffalo Bills… at home.